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I’m Vonda Van Rooyen

I’m so excited to help you discover what you need to live a life you love!

About Vonda & The List...

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a dreamer! I could always imagine and feel the possibilities.  When family, friends and colleagues talked about their dreams, I just knew those dreams were possible but I could always sense a hesitation on their part- it was like their energy levels dropped….it took me a long time to realize that while everybody had dreams, there was this perception that they didn’t deserve to live their dreams or they simply didn’t know how to make them happen.

Throughout my life I knew that my life dream was to help others. I craved a career that would allow me to use my creativity and compassion to help others and…..if I could focus on outlining and creating little steps in their day to day schedules that supported their dream life and life style…….well that would be amazing!

The List Diagram - The List Coach

Crazy Ideas....

My first idea to help people was to design beautiful spaces for them to live their lives so I went to college and studied kitchen and bath design – it was a blast!  I loved everything about it but wanted to help more people so I had this brilliant idea to go back to school (yikes – this turned out to be a lot more challenging then I ever imagined)  to become a corporate manager but I imagined helping people learn new skills to help advance their careers, with the idea this would assist in getting them closer to their dream life!  

While being a manager has a lot of challenges,  I do love  Corporate America, the people, the technology, yes even the challenges!

But during this time,  I also loved trying to figure out the best direction for my own career.  I read and  studied a variety of books, blogs, white papers and case studies to learn career and life style best practices. As I  studied and applied some simple daily habits like: time management tricks, mindset training, in areas such health, wealth and relationships….I realized it all started with some type of list.  At the time (and I still do)  I treated my life as a little experiment.  I started a bigger vision type list that I called the Master Life List.  It was a list of ideas big and small, that I discovered I could implement in a fun easy way. Then I could build upon them to make bigger things happen….. I shared this concept with a few friends and they  joined in on the-list-making and this is where the fun really began!

If you need to shake things up a bit in your life, start dreaming again or are ready to take some fun crazy action ….you’re invited to join our Monthly 1:1 Coaching program or TLC  Workshops!!

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From Daydreams to Reality

 I never had lofty dreams of owning my own company or being “the-boss” but I did love learning new things and meeting new people and along the way a friend recommended working with a life coach to add focus and direction to all the dreams and creative ideas. So I did and the experience was amazing. Having a personal coach to guide me to think of new ideas and outside of the little safe box I had built around my ideas about life was exactly what I needed to take massive action to design a life and lifestyle that I was on-fire about!

If you’ve been needing “something-a-little-more” in your life, a place to organize yourself so you can start living your ideal life and implementing your ideal life style…..you are in the right place!

Ready to get started?

The List is way to discover the things you need more of in your life, experiment with things you might like, and discover that “something more” that is needed to fulfill the desires deep in your heart. Join one of these upcoming events to get started.