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My mission is to help you discover what you need to live a life you love. My life’s dream is to help you believe in and achieve your dreams. The List is full of day dreams, discovery, focus, hard work and “ah-ha” moments.

TLC At Home Workshops with The List Coach

TLC At Home Workshops

Grab your girlfriends for an evening in to create your Master Life List. The plan is to share, discover and list all the things you want in your life. We will focus on areas of health, wealth and relationship to make sure you’ve captured it all.

Virtual Workshops with The List Coach

TLC Virtual Workshops

Life is crazy busy and between careers, groceries, family, dogs, and workouts, who has time to dream and plan for anything? We developed a fun, guilt free workshop to revive and re-energize you and your dreams.

Studio Workshops with The List Coach

TLC Studio Workshops

It’s likely you’ve been running around like a crazy woman taking care of everyone else and not focusing on the things you want. Do you remember what you want? Do you know how you want to feel every day?