Dinner with Friends

My mission is to help you discover what you need to live a life you love. My life’s dream is to help you believe in and achieve your dreams. The List is full of day dreams, discovery, focus, hard work and “ah-ha” moments.

Friends are a special gift

Friends are the special gift of life that makes everything doable! We all agree that we couldn’t do the life we have today without them and we certainly wouldn’t dream of designing a life without them!

Dinner with Friends is time to honor one another and celebrate. While we can’t wait to share Dinner w/Friends with you – we need a little more time! We will be launching soon – so stay tuned!! Until then…

Ready to get started?

The List is way to discover the things you need more of in your life, experiment with things you might like, harness that feeling that something is missing, discover that “something more” that is needed to fulfill the desires deep in your heart, and focus on the things that are most important to you but always tend to take a backseat to stuff that happens throughout a normal day. Join one of these upcoming events to get started.