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My mission is to help you discover what you need to live a life you love. My life’s dream is to help you believe in and achieve your dreams. The List is full of day dreams, discovery, focus, hard work and “ah-ha” moments.

Success Teams - The List Coach

Get that one big thing done

So you’ve been creating your list and designing a life that you love but there is one that you really need to make happen. Success Teams are the perfect format to get to work and get that one BIG thing DONE but how? What is a Success Team?

A Success Team is a small, ongoing group, made up of about 8-10 people like you. The people on your team will help you make your dreams come true. A Success Team usually meets every week for 8 consecutive weeks. Your team helps you figure out what you want, and design a plan of action to get it. They provide you information, contacts and support, week after week.

Why do Success Teams get such great results?

Success teams get amazing results because your team will keep you moving towards your dream until you discover and achieve it, because you are going to the exact same thing for them!

Plus, you’ll work on your dream the same way you worked your way through school: by showing up and reporting in. In school, you had certain small assignments you had to complete one at a time; you had the companionship and the encouragement that humans need. That support is what makes the difference between success and failure: not your attitude, your mantra, or mood; just lots of ongoing help.

How does a Success Team really help you?

We are masters at facilitating teamwork with fun tools and crazy insights! And we create the time and space for you to join a team that is ready to support you in making your dream happen!

That’s the magic secret. That’s why Success Teams work where other systems don’t. Wishes and dreams need a lot of friends, because it takes more than desire to make a wish come true. You need ongoing, sustained effort over an extended period of time. You need support and encouragement when times get tough, and you run into the inevitable interruptions, setbacks, and fears that are part of every journey to the top. (You can’t find a resource; someone important cancels an appointment to see you; you get turned down for your loan application…) You’ll run into obstacles that seem insurmountable. (Your family doesn’t think you should be out earning a pilot’s license; you run up against some unforeseen medical bills; you send out 25 manuscripts…and get 25 pink slips in return.)

But you’ll meet with your team every week, and they will keep you going.

  • They’ll brainstorm new solutions to new problems
  • They’ll introduce you to their professional and personal network of contacts
  • They’ll go with you to that important interview, wait downstairs and celebrate when you’re through.

This kind of accountability is rare. It can be a little intimidating and scary. However it is needed to make important things happen. There is nothing more important than going after what you really want – right? After all, you only get one chance at this lifetime and you need to make things happen for yourself, but not all by yourself.

Is a Success Team right for you?

    • Does having a team support you sound appealing to you?
    • Have you tried to “make-things-happen” on your own without success?
    • Are you stuck and need some different insights and solutions?
    • Are you a tad bid nervous and scared to have team accountability?
    • Are you concerned about what you can contribute to others on the team?
    • Can you create the time in your schedule for daily and weekly focus on your dream?

    If you answered “YES” to these questions, we encourage you to commit to a Success Team! So roam around our online home and check things out!

    We are really happy that you found us, please stay and roam through our on-line home. We are excited to open our doors to create a space for you to daydream and discover what you really want and love.

Ready to get started?

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