The List Starts Here

My mission is to help you discover what you need to live a life you love. My life’s dream is to help you believe in and achieve your dreams. The List is full of day dreams, discovery, focus, hard work and “ah-ha” moments.

The List Coach

We make things happen

We are busy women. We make things happen, but sometimes we can get too much going on, or we get so “busy” we lose focus on what we really want or we simply don’t remember what we want and just let life happen. Does any of that sound familiar?

So The List was created with all this in mind! The List keeps us focused on what we really want. It’s the plan of our wildest dreams. It’s a reminder of what we love and believe to be important. It’s a place to design.

A master list for your life

It’s a place to design a life that only you can imagine that includes what you really want and love. It’s a master list for your life. It includes everything you want from silly to serious – like – having fresh flowers in your home every day, getting a pair of roller skates, traveling to Europe, remodeling your dream bathroom, going back to school, being a mom, creating a special relationship or earning the ultimate promotion at work. The List is all of this and so much more!

How do we help you create your list?

  • We are masters at guiding you through the process with fun tools and crazy insights! And we create the time and space for you to make the list happen! Roam around our online home and check things out!!
  • Definitely sign up for “The First 10”. It’s a simple starter list for the first ten items on your list AND “bonus” we give you.
  • Want to listen in and see what we have to share? Sign up for our Monthly Book Club.
  • If you are just starting “The List”, consider hosting an At-Home Workshop or join us in The Studio for a Workshop!
  • If you’ve already started The List for yourself but want something REALLY big on the list to happen – check out Success Teams to see if they are a good fit for your next steps.

We are really happy that you found up. Please stay and roam around our on-line home. We are excited to open our doors to create a space for you to daydream and discover what you really want and love.

What is The List?

The List is a time to daydream, to play the “what if” game and focus on you. It’s a discovery process of how to get “more” of whatever it is you want and need in your life. The List is a way to:

  • Create a MASTER Life List to keep focused for years to come.
  • Discover that “something more” to fulfill the desires deep in your heart
  • Experiment with things you are curious about
  • Focus on the things that are most important to you but always tend to take a backseat to stuff that happens throughout a normal day
  • Think upon the things you need more of in your life
  • Ponder over your expectations around health, wealth and relationships

What do you think? Ready to get started?