TLC Studio Workshops

Life is crazy busy and between careers, groceries, family, dogs, and workouts, who has time to dream and plan for anything? We developed a fun, guilt free workshop to revive and re-energize you and your dreams.

Grab your girlfriends for an evening to create your Master Life List. The plan is to share, discover and list all the things you want in your life. We will focus on areas of health, wealth and relationship to make sure you’ve captured it all.

We are going to do some serious work with serious fun. We guarantee it will be the most fun and rewarding 90 minutes of your week or you can ask for a full refund.

It’s likely you’ve been running around like a crazy woman taking care of everyone else and not focusing on the things you want. Do you remember what you want? Do you know how you want to feel every day? During our workshop we will explore the answers to both these questions, plus so much more.

Our studio workshops provide a space outside your home where we can plan together. Locations depend on the current available events. There is little prep time on your end to gather everyone’s physical and email addresses so we can get everything to them in time but we love these workshops so no worries on our end. They are so much fun! TLC Workshops are 90 minutes long and costs $250.00

Ready to schedule? Order your workshop today and we’ll work with you to schedule the workshop. Need some other options? What about these?